​​Custom wheel fabrication services for any of the above tires can be offered via Freestyle Projects Inc.  Lacombe, Alberta

​​​​​​These tough, elastic tires are designed for true low pressure operation are meant to deform around objects.  Ruts are minimized when compared to a standard multi-ply tire with stiff sidewalls and meant to operate at higher internal pressures.  

They can be used in temperatures from -60 to +50 C without losing their properties. Low internal pressure in the tire results in low ground pressure (lower than a person's footprint).  Vehicles equipped with these tires can easily travel over soft surfaces such as muskeg, permafrost, deep snow, sand etc

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67" (2-ply)​​


33" (4-ply)​​


57" (2-ply)​​

40" (4-ply)​​

35" (4-ply)​​

35" (2-ply)​​

51" (2-ply)​​


** All tire & wheel products are NOT legal for highway service and for off-road use only **

Please contact for any shipping quote to Canada / United States

Exports to the US over $2500 USD may be subject to additional brokerage and duty charges.

Some tire models, where noted, are unfortunately not available to ship to the US at this time due to sanctions with Belarus.

​Prices subject to change without notice.